Uchinchu Course

Alien Course (Spiribone Program)

Live the excitement of the soul, not the heart!
Break the shell and live a new life with "The Re-Birth of the Soul"!

The "Chunchu Course" (Spiritebourne Program)
It is a program that is the first step to germinate from seeds and flower the "true one".

Know the "thought" of the soul and live the "joy" of the soul.

Recently, the word "exciting" in the media and other
It often comes into the eyes and ears, as if it were a keyword of the times.

If you do only exciting things, you will be happy!
The book has gone out, too.

Now, what's exciting for you?
What do you want?

In fact, there are three types of "exciting things to want".
The three are "needs", "wants", and "soul designers".

First of all, "needs" are necessary for living,
It is necessary to maintain the body.

It's something you need to eat, sleep, outsm.

When I see a delicious cake, I'm excited to eat it.
I'm happy to imagine buying it home, preparing tea and eating cake.
My heart is exciting.
This is the excitement of the needs.

Next, it is "Wants", this is desire.
It is the one that it is possible to live whether it is or not.

As you can see by watching daily mail order programs
Men's hair-hairing medicines, women's diet goods, etc. are typical of "Wants".

I am excited to have them teach me beauty goods that easily lose body fat.

And finally, "Soul Designer", this is "soul desire".
It is also directly linked to "individuality".

"I can't live without doing this!"
It is such a strong desire to remember the craving of the heart.

In my case, I'm excited to work out a project.
Plan, try and improve. I've been doing this for years to make it more complete.

"Designer of the soul" is quite different from person to person.
No one will give you the answer. Because it is in me, others can not put out the hand.
That's why you have no choice but to discover it yourself.

It's exciting to see a delicious cake.
It is exciting to see beauty goods that easily lose body fat.
I'm excited to work out a business plan.

I introduced three kinds of excitement with examples.

This "needs", "winz" and "soul designer"
"What the body wants", "What the heart seeks", "What the soul seeks"
It can be said.

Human beings are a complex of three elements, the body, the mind, and the soul.

The body can be seen and touched with the naked eye.
But the heart is invisible.
I can't see the soul.

Therefore, only the person understands the difference between the heart and the soul.

And there is a way to recognize differences.

If you know the difference between this heart and the soul,
You can understand "yourself".
You can put an end to finding yourself.
And you can see "happiness for yourself".

There are people who are economically wealthy but unhappy.
Some people live happily, even if they are physically handicapped.

In other words, judging by appearance,
You can never make yourself happy. It means.

When you understand your heart or soul, regardless of appearance or ambient noise
You can understand "happiness for yourself" and bring it closer to happiness. It will be.

Man is born to be happy and lives today.
And what makes you happy? varies from person to person.
Everyone on earth is walking towards their own goal.

What makes you excited?
Which of those excitements is "needs", "wants", or "soul designer"?

What is the designer of the soul for you?
Knowing it is the key to your happiness.

The Spiritbone Program is a two-day course.
In this course, we will tell you about the relationship between mind, body and soul.

Roughly divided into three parts.

The first part provides knowledge and information about the universe and our surroundings.
Mind, body, soul, each role, information to live better,
Where does the soul come from and where does it go?
I will talk about such.

The second part is energy work.
Outside this body is a body of light called an aura.
The aura is so big that when you're with someone, the aura overlaps.
For example, when you are on a crowded train, the aura of various people overlaps.

Because the aura is directly connected to the heart,
If the aura overlaps, you will be affected by the other person's mind.
Positive thinking people, negative thinking people, and various people's minds enter my heart.
Then, it becomes difficult to live at your own pace like yourself.
As much as possible, it is desirable not to be negatively affected.

To that end, we will show you how to strengthen the barrier and enhance energy.
You will be able to go your way without being swayed by the voices and noises around you.

The third part is rituals.
A Japanese sword (simulated sword) is scolded on the head and engraved on the aura.
Through this ritual, the pipe with the heavens becomes stronger and the energy obtained from the universe becomes stronger.
As the energy received increases, so does the power you give to your surroundings.

And four guardian angels dedicated to you will appear and support you powerfully.
I will always be able to live with them.
Please be careful to be able to communicate with them.

I will tell you these three learnings in two days.

Then there's a half-year zoom follow-up.
Please ask questions directly, such as things you do not understand or want to learn repeatedly.
We will also expand the community of students.

A friend who becomes a friend of the universe, connects the heart, and lives together
I hope that I can increase as much as possible.

Please feel free to join us.
I'm looking forward to seeing you.

Course contents

The "Chunchu Course" (Spiritebourne Program) is a program to break the shell of an egg and take off into space.
"Study"and"Energy Work"and"Rituals"It is a three-part.


"Energy Work"

In rituals, the aura is engraved. It's like making a small hole connected to another dimension, and it's a very Western approach that makes it easier to gain enlightenment.
This engraving makes it easier for people of different dimensions to find it, so it is easier to receive angelic help. It is a ceremony to become a member of the White Brotherhood of the Galactic Federation.
"Become a person that angels can easily support"This means that events to recognize one's darkness become easier to surface. It can temporarily hurt your ego, but I recommend it to those who want to look deeply at them and break the darkness of their hearts and live a creative life.
There are many people who do not need it so much, and it is enough just to acquire knowledge. It is information useful for living freely without the concept that binds you. Please take it by all means.

"Activity", "Zagaku", and "Ritual" This series is set as "Chunchu Course" (Spirit Bone Program).

Please take "activity" and "za studies" as many times as you like and drop them.
To flap energeticly, so that the bird returns to the nest and refreshes,
We recommend that you repeat.
Re-taking of the course is half price.

The "ritual" is enough once in a life.
When you think you want to take it, please take it.

If you go outside in the state of a premature baby, the after is hard.
Because it becomes irritable and the heart becomes more damaged, there is a possibility that a lot of treatments such as healing are needed.

So, when your heart moves, "I want to receive it", please apply.
As many people as possible are looking forward to a world where they live in a shining world, breaking eggshells and dancing like angels in the sky.

カシュカシュThe wish is to increase the number of people who have molted as much as possible and create a community where they can live.

These are people who cannot adapt to the rules of existing society.
We have thought that a new social infrastructure is necessary.

Finally, at the end of 2020,
In other words, after entering the "age of wind", suddenly,
I entered the flow of meeting unique people who are germinating one after another.

A new world is expanding.
I hope you'll join the new community.

The "Chunchu Course" (Spiritebourne Program) is the first step.
Don't hesitate to join us in a society full of people who live lively. I'm looking forward to seeing you.


Monthly Z00M sessions (six months)

For half a year, we have a zoom session once a month for about 30 minutes.
(Once a week (5 times in total) for the first month. It will be 10 times in total in half a year)

If you try to bring what you said in the course into your own reality, you may not understand and become confused.

In addition, it is often likely to want to check the details of the operation such as setting a knot.
In such a case, please feel free to ask questions face-to-face zoom.

Of course, you can ask questions by e-mail without waiting face-to-face.
It's really nice for me to meet the students once a month and see the process of transformation that shines through.

By all means, please become a friend of aliens.

Time schedule (It is a guide, I cope with the change)

[Day 1]
【Day 2】

Held: Responding at any time
【Tuition】Total 88,800円(tax included)

Accommodation is free of charge for up to 3 people.
It is also recommended to stay at a nearby hotel.

Hot springs and bakeries are free to participate.

*Those who are nearby or want to stay at a hotel

エルモットThere are 3 6-tatami Japanese-style rooms. Only 3 people can stay at the hotel. Even if you don't stay in Elmot, you can come from home or accommodation you want for two days.

Of course, hot springs and bakeries are free to participate.
If you have any other circumstances, please feel free to contact us.

※On-site course

If more than 3 people gather in the distance, we will also respond to on-site courses.
If you contact us about the area, we will find the venue here and arrange it.
Please bear only transportation expenses.

If you have knowledge, your consciousness will change♪
If your consciousness changes, your life will change☆

I'm looking forward to seeing you new!