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ココロール リンク

出口煌玲 リンク

どすこい喫茶やまこ リンク



10We met more than 100 years ago at a fast meditation session in Cearo.遠藤さんis an unforgettable personality that you will never forget once you meet him.
When he was originally a monk in Mt. Ming-en, he returned his post "feeling doubts about the state of religious corporations."
I started farming on my own and pursued natural farming.

I've been to rice planting and weeding several times, but the ingredients of the soil are wonderful, and when I enter the rice field, my legs and arms become good!
The crops produced from the high-quality soil naturally energize the mind and body.

I was saying, "I can't bother people with this way of life, and I won't get married."もえ子ちゃんAfter meeting, falling in love, and pushing to the marriage forcedly, power up more and more.
Actuallyもえ子ちゃんIt was a painful constitution that offers flooded in from hospitals nationwide with "in-disease department store constitution", but it is also scary to be drugged by guinea pigs ...
However, while helping with farm work with that body, what! The disease has disappeared!
Please hear the touching story of tears and tears directly from the person in question♪

However, because I'm a hard worker, I just want you to work on a delicate body because it seems to be overdoing it ☆
遠藤さんThe rice and vegetables are really great.
Buy, eat, and cheer!
Let's go to help with rice planting and mowing!

Quick-frozen rolls「ココロール」


遠藤農園andセアロBread I met on the edge of
セアロis focusing on Myanmar for humanitarian assistance.
It is a roll made with myanmar coconut oil.
セアロEveryone involved in the NPO is doing a great job.
This bread is also really great.
Of course it's delicious,
When I'm tired, eating one of these will make me feel so well.
Nice, horrible, high wave.
You can eat this bread to get well and support Myanmar.
Is there such a happy thing?

a dragon flute player「出口煌玲」


20I have been available for advice since the vision of "Japanese Culture Experience Village" suddenly came down 20 years ago.
They identify the essence and pursue the truth without blurring from there.

Even if it is a Japanese musical instrument, it is a rare person who can collaborate with music of various genres such as jazz and rock.
Take part in world tour of major European bands,
During the tour, you can maintain the members' bodies,
You know a lot of things!
I'm an artist!



エルモットIt is a café restaurant with natural materials located about a 5-minute drive from .

エルモットI was the first to sympathize with the concept of , and connected various people
やまこWithout the presence ofエルモットThere can't be."
I am very grateful.

エルモットI don't put that much into eating and drinking,
If you want to eat delicious dishes made carefully,
By all means「やまこ」Please make a reservation!