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Kuraha No.17: "Dosukoi Cafe Yamako" shop owner Madame Mikiko Yamada appeared handmade from seasonings!

extraterrestrial(Chunchu)Management Theme Park vol.017 2021Wednesday, October 13, 2010, 8:30 p.m. - At the clubhouse, the 17th guest is Madame Yamada, owner of Dosu koi café Yamako?? Madam's shop "Dosukoi Cafe Yamako" is a vegan café handmade from seasonings♪ Buy vegetables from natural farmers, umeboshi shiya, mako mochaya, and so on! It is a medicinal coke that the deep taste is happy for the body. "Pine leaf soda" which is thankful at this time is also made by hand?? Sweets such as lochoco are also made with ingredients that are at that time, so there are things that you will never see again, so it is a wonderful shop even if you enjoy a once-in-a-lifetime meeting?? To such a madam, this and that of food, this and that of dance, and the four-way mountain story etc. …


Kuraha No.16: Two guests will talk to us

extraterrestrial(Chunchu)Management Theme Park vol.016 2021Wednesday, October 6, 2010, 8:30 p.m. - The 16th guest at the clubhouse! Singing bowl vibration therapy, wind of the sound soul, Harumitsu, And, In Yorii-cho, Saitama Prefecture, it is "Dosukoi Cafe Yamako", a shop of grain, vegetables and fruit dishes. They are now doing an activity called Club together. And Yamako-chan is a neighborhood relationship, Kashkash is a relationship that makes you friends♪ I would like to talk about the activities of The Edge Club, a mysterious story about Harumitsu's sound, a story about Yamako-chan's food, etc. ♪ The wind homepage of the sound soul is here Here is the doskoi café Yamako homepage ☆ The address of the room opens on the day ↓ The address of the room is here ↓ ☆ Click here for future plans ☆ Clubhouse, my account is here♪ I think that if you register from the red Fuji icon at the bottom, you will be able to enter the club. (Only smartphone ~) …


Kuraha No.15: Miwa, owner of Mafico, Fukaya City, Saitama Prefecture

If you look at the body, you can understand the person! ? extraterrestrial(Chunchu)Management Theme Park vol.015 2021Wednesday, September 29, 2010, 8:30 p.m. - The 15th guest at the clubhouse! Body Specialist! I'm Miwa Enoka, owner of Mafico, Fukaya City. In recent years, which is said to be the age of the wind, it has changed to a spiritual, spiritual, spiritual era. In order to enhance spirituality, it is important for us to prepare the body, which is the vehicle of the soul. Interactions with the existence of the whole dimension are made possible by increasing the frequency of the body. It is an important story of Miwa who is always facing such a body. Stay tuned♪ Miwa nice to meet you. Miwa is mainly engaged in body treatments such as body, facial, head, etc. Fascinated by the depth of the body and mind, while researching beauty, health, diseases, etc. from the viewpoints of quantum mechanics, brain science, and various other things♪ body shape, face, head size, etc. appear on the body, on the surface, depending on what you usually think, what you think, and act according to what you are acting on. You can change yourself from the body, from your own thoughts, and from your own philosophy. How do you let go and how do you accept it? Everything so far has mattered, perfect, and needed. …


Kuraha No.14: Mr. Asaba of the witch's platform "Forest of Light Terrace" will talk

extraterrestrial(Chunchu)Management Theme Park vol.014 2021Wednesday, September 22, 2010, 8:30 p.m. - The 14th guest at the clubhouse! Kashkash approaches Merkaba, who is always a moderator, ♪♪♪ Fact is more bizarre than a novel, please look forward to a number of mysterious episodes... "Forest of Light Terrace", a witch's platform in Arashiyama Town, Saitama Prefecture, opens its website clubhouse YouTube channel Hikamori …


Kuraha No.13: Kashkash is finally dug up in the clubhouse (≧▽≦)

extraterrestrial(Chunchu)Management Theme Park vol.013 2021Wednesday, September 15, 2010, 8:30 p.m. - The 13th guest at the clubhouse! First attempt, host and guest! Kashkash, who is always in the host's position, becomes a guest and responds to an interview with AsakoHachi...?! I will do it in the style! This is the latest Kashkash image (≧▽ ≦) "I want to ask you something like this!" If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to message me♪ What will happen? ☆ Click here for Kashkash's Facebook page ☆ The address of the room to open on the day is here. …


Kuraha No.12: Now, 9Z Yoda who was loved by the god of attention "kudzu" appeared!

extraterrestrial(Chunchu)Management Theme Park vol.012 2021September 8 ,2010 (Wed) 8:30 p.m. - About 2 hours The 12th guest in the clubhouse! Yoda-san and Yoda Toyomi. The kudzu that has been loved for a long time in Japan includes the aid of the endocrine system, vasodilation, a number of flavonoids effective for nerve stabilization, improvement of liver function and stable blood pressure, more than 10 kinds of saponins that are said to be good for preventing arteriosclerosis, allantoin that strengthens the skin mucosa, β -sitosterol, etc. that help regulate cholesterol, etc. The Kuzu of great attention! ! I will ask Yoda about the unexpectedly unknown Kuzu♪ Yoda's profile Yoda (Yuda Toyomi) Kudzu lovers The magic plant "Kudzu" has been used since the Stone Age. …


Kuraha No.11: Satomi Ida talks about the tea ceremony!

extraterrestrial(Chunchu)Management Theme Park vol.011 2021Wednesday, September 1, 2010 8:30 p.m. - about 2 hours The 11th guest in the clubhouse! I'm Satomi Ida, a master of the tea ceremony! I met Mr. Ida at a salon in Tokyo. In the salon where smart people gather and want to talk, I came there in a gentle atmosphere and was very nice and anxious to talk to you, and I was invited to a tea ceremony at Kadokawa Garden in Suginami Ward. In fact, I belonged to the tea ceremony club in high school (≧▽ ≦) At a girls' school in Kyoto City, the tea teacher came once a week by a professional teacher. The teacher lived in a good place around that, whether it was Gion or Higashiyama, and every week I received top-notch delicious sweets♪ Because that experience is my default, if it is not any tea party, I was less impressed... At Kadokawa Garden, I was surprised to receive a cup of Ida-san's tea! It's fluffy and gentle, bitter and sweet, and how delicious! "It's a very delicious cup of tea!" …



extraterrestrial(Chunchu)Management Theme Park vol.010 2021年8月25日(水)夜8時半~ 約2時間 クラブハウスにて 第10回ゲストは! ミュージシャンであり、介護事業会社の社長である、 ナカニシトシカツ、「としぴー」です! 私の友達と、としぴーの奥さんが 同じ劇団繋がりで知り合ったご縁です。 大阪時代のとしぴーは、人気もスゴくて、イケイケでありました。 ラジオ番組も持って、 クラブクアトロも満員にして、 メジャーなバンドを東京から大阪に呼んだりして、、、 当時を垣間見れる動画はコレ しかしある時、東京のミュージシャンに言われるのです。 「音楽やるなら、東京へ来なあかんわ」←と東京弁で。 で、イチからのスタート!と思い、 夫婦で上京したのが、私の上京とほぼ同じ時期。 (1年ぐらい私のほうが早かったかな?) イチからのスタートと思ってたけど、 違ってた!



extraterrestrial(Chunchu)Management Theme Park vol.009 2021年8月18日(水)夜8時半~ 約2時間 クラブハウスにて 第9回ゲストは! 元リクルートで2年連続日本一の営業マン、 二十二世紀堂の社長、 作家、映像作家、 そして現在は素浪人(?)の 山泊リョウさん です!! リョウさんは、なんと! 3回目の登場! で、今回のテーマは 「しんどい現実を反転させる22世紀のライフスタイル」。 前回の仏教談義から、日常の話へ! めちゃ楽しみです! ぜひぜひ、お楽しみに~! ☆ 山泊リョウさんのインスタはこちら ☆ 当日開く、ルームのアドレスはこちらです。



extraterrestrial(Chunchu)Management Theme Park vol.008 2021年8月11日(水)夜8時半~ 約2時間 クラブハウスにて 第8回ゲストは! 講談師であり、ロシア語の通訳者でもある 神門久子さんです♪ 神門さんとの出会いは おそらくもう6~7年前のこと・・・ でもそんな頻繁に会う訳ではなく 時々何かの用事でお話するような関係なのですが 会うたびに、 「おもしろい人だな~~~(≧▽≦)」 という印象ばかり残るのです。 肩の力が抜けているというか なにか気楽さを感じさせるというか・・・ 不思議な面白さ!なのです。 ところが、先日お会いした時 幼少から体が弱くて大変だったとお聞きして もうびっくり! そんなことは微塵も感じさせない存在感なのです。 その神門さんに、今回あらためてプロフィールをお伺いしたところ