The "Alien Conference"
Anyone interested in space consciousness can participate.

People who want to ascension,
People who want to live fun,
People who want to enjoy life freely!

Heal yourself as you are
A person who can love the whole thing!
People who want to love!

Without judges myself or others
Those who want to enjoy success and prosperity and development!
Those who want to forgive each other for failure and laugh at each other!

Such your participation
I'm sincerely waiting for you☆

The world view that I aim for. That is
It is a world where healed people live energeticly.

From now on, more and more people will be healed, enlightened,
More and more people are free.
Many people who live with cosmic consciousness appear.

Then, existing systems and rules will become no more meaningful.
We need a new social system.

To create such a new community
People who have been born into this world with the "necessary abilities" to create the environment of the future
Mr. Tsan, you should be there!!!

Even if we can't adapt to the current society,
Those who have the necessary abilities in the post-ascension world
It is true that the number of special people who are a little strange is increasing!

By all means, your "ability necessary for the future society"
Could you demonstrate it in the "Alien Conference"?!

Why don't we create a free and enjoyed world together?!?!

We sincerely look forward to your participation!!

What is "healing"?
How can I be healed?
What kind of place is the world where healed people live?

I have written in detail about these worldviews in my book "Healing Textbooks".

The first 20 pages of the Kindle book can be "tried and read" for free, so will you be able to read it...
Or, since I put it in The Elmot Café, can you come and read it...

I would be very happy if you could sympathize with the book.

I would be even happier if you could support me in my activities!

And I would be very happy if you could participate in the Aliens Conference!

More and more aliens on earth live lightly
Seriously dreaming that the paradise of the earth will spread all over the world,
I work every day♪

By all means, please become a friend!
Thank you! !


Mazlow, an American psychologist,
He argued that "there is a stage in human desire."

I want to eat, I want to sleep... The lower desire "needs".
I want to get ahead, I want to be rich... Such as, higher desire [wants].

I want to live my own way, I want to fulfill my mission ... Such as, meta desire [soul desire].

If many people who heal, forgive, acknowledge, and live meta desires gather
It is different from the existing society,
It should be a new world connected by love...

I wanted to create such a community,
I want to increase the number of people who live the desire of the soul! I think that I am active.

Kash push!

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